Brokerage Regions

MENTOR Oregon’s Brokerage Services combine comprehensive service planning with personal choice to help the individuals we serve live life to the fullest.  Our individualized approach allows our personal agents to keep specific goals in mind as they help adults identify and select life-changing supports in their community.

Helping us ensure quality for all individuals is the uniqueness of our geographic brokerage regions.  Our Metro Area and Mid-Valley regions are run by people who care about the adults being served and have a wealth of knowledge about the services offered in their respective areas.  This allows MENTOR Oregon to match individuals with the services and supports necessary to thrive in the communities that they call home.

Metro Area Brokerage

The Metro Area region serves individuals in the greater-Portland area—specifically Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington Counties.  Due to its urban setting, this region features an array of service providers, including job coaches, vocational specialists, housing providers and therapists.  The people served in this region are used to a more city-like way of living.  This can factor into the goals that they set for themselves—such as learning to use public transportation.  Individuals can also take advantage of numerous employment opportunities through businesses located in and around Portland.

Mid-Valley Region

The Mid-Valley region covers Benton, Lane, Linn, Marion, and Polk Counties.  Many of the adults in this region live in small, rural communities with unique characteristics.  For this reason, our personal agents will often be more creative with the delivery and connection to community-based service providers.  In addition to helping the adults with transportation challenges, our personal agents assist in connecting individuals with community events such as outdoor festivals and camps.