Employment Services

Employment often comes with a distinct sense of pride, responsibility and personal satisfaction.  And for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, a job can lead to greater independence, confidence and improved quality of life.  MENTOR Oregon’s range of services creates successful employment experiences for adults of all abilities, as well as local employers.

Community Supported Employment

In our Supported Employment program we identify each person’s unique skills and interests and match them with employers that provide meaningful opportunities.  We develop relationships with local businesses to fulfill their needs and become a source for them to find capable, hardworking employees.

Many of the people we serve have overcome multiple challenges in their lives, so they know the value of hard work.  All they need is the opportunity to succeed and an employer who understands the value they bring to the job site.

Our job coaches are in place to help adults focus on developing the skills necessary to achieve a desired position and prepare them for the responsibilities they will assume once they’re part of the workforce.  We also focus on job retention, making sure new employees are comfortable with their position and confident in their abilities.

Enclaves & Mobile Work Crews

Our enclaves and mobile work crews allow adults to earn wages and make a positive impact in the community.  Enclaves are teams of individuals that work on short-term projects for local businesses.  Each enclave has a team leader who provides hands-on direction to help adults with the responsibilities that are unique to the job.  Participants report to the local business each day to perform duties such as:

  • Laundry service at a hospital
  • Room cleaning at a hotel
  • Packaging items for shipping at a warehouse.

Individuals can also be part of our mobile work crews and learn specific skills.  The crews handle various work assignments on a daily bases—such as lawn maintenance and janitorial services.  The individuals assemble and start their day at a MENTOR Oregon location before going out for a day of community-based employment at multiple sights.

Both enclaves and work crews not only focus on the needs of the employer, but provide work that suits the physical and financial needs of those we serve.  Each opportunity helps adults learn vocational skills, professionalism and workplace etiquette that prepares them for supported employment opportunities.

Continuum of Services

Our range of employment options opens doors into the working world for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and helps them be successful.  We allow for flexibility within our programs, giving individuals a chance to learn new skills and participate in a program that best matches their wants and needs.

Contact your local office to learn more about MENTOR Oregon’s employment services.