Success Stories

There is no single definition of success at MENTOR Oregon.  For some, it’s an individual’s satisfaction after reaching a goal in the community.  For others, it’s seeing a teenager succeed in a host home with support from a caregiver.

MENTOR Oregon and our partners believe in everyday miracles.  And our employees and caregivers are devoted to making them happen for the people we support.  The stories showcased in this section demonstrate the power of individual achievement, personal breakthrough, and lives well lived.  They introduce amazing people and illustrate the life-changing impact of our programs.

Lori Shines With an Empty Canvas

The Brooklyn Art Space Alternative to Employment program has become Lori's outlet for expression and helped her overcome challenges.

Read on to learn how Lori has used art to make friends and thrive in the community.

Leo Has Created Ripples of Change

For 94 years, Leo has gotten the most out of each day.  He has lived a life that has inspired friends, staff members and people in his community.

Learn what Leo has done in Klamath Falls and how he "does not let any obstacle get in his way.”

Robert Makes a Lasting Impact

After a 13-year run as a direct support professional, Robert retired ... for three days.  His heart led him back to helping adults at his ATE program.

Read on to learn how Robert's personality and "gift for connecting" have inspired others.