Anne Zaccardi

Regional Director

Anne has been a part of the MENTOR Oregon since 2001—when the organization was known as DSI.  She now serves as regional director and is responsible for all residential and vocational programs in southern Oregon.  Her leadership, direction and general oversight is instrumental for the individuals supported by MENTOR Oregon in that region.

Anne has 15 years of professional experience working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Prior to her time with MENTOR Oregon, she held numerous positions in and outside of the human services field.  Those roles included program director for Inclusion, Inc.; national alliance coordinator for Ace Technologies; and program manager for Port City Development Center. Anne is also Chair of the UCP Connections Brokerage Policy Oversight Committee working to protect individuals’ rights.

A bachelor’s degree in psychology from Stonehill College launched Anne’s decorated career.  She attended the National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities at the University of Delaware and graduated from the school’s Leadership Institute in 2010.

“My career has come full circle, as my first encounter with MENTOR Oregon was as a Personal Agent for our Brokerage Services.  I am able to contribute to the big picture and love supporting staff and seeing how much passion people have for the individuals we serve.”